G Verifier has developed the Google Gold Standards as guideline for store locators.

Our store locator is unique and innovative product which improves the customers experience and meets the standards on your website.

Store locator’s Google Gold Standards help retailers

Engage customers on your website

Most of the customers do online research before buying any product or service and more than 80% end up making an offline purchases in-store.

An intuitive store locator is essential to make sure to keep customers on your website till the last stage of research or prior to making a purchase in one of your stores.

The Google Gold Standards truly helps you evaluate the right with your locator.

Multi-channel Store Locator

Benefits of a Standard Locator

G Verifier’s branch locator was built according to the findings from the Google Maps Team. All new characteristics of the locator which is a standard product of the cloud are instantly available and the time to go live is a little short. The locator is extensively flexible in functions and design. Our architecture makes sure short loading duration on every continent and we hold up more than 40 languages. Customers attain advantage from our know-how and long-term relations with G-Verifier.

Increase in number of Customers

Attract more customers to your store with store locator

The branch locator helps your O20 strategy like Business Location Services. Your customers are guided most competently in all stages prior they make any purchase, from the search to the very last click on “show direction to the store”, with help of all the benefits from Google.

Multi-channel Store Locator and Business Location Services

Our both the products together will lead to attract more customers to your stores.

Both Omnichannel store locator & Business Location Services are completely merged with each other to work efficiently, building the best basis for bringing more attention to your store with help of local ads on Google.

Evaluate the customer search

Improve sales by measuring the numbers

Look over the number of customer searches and find you on Google and how frequently Google My Business gets consumers to your stores.

It’s better to examine where buyers are at the time of using your locator and what information is being obtained. Store visits generated through Google Local Ads need to be analyzed. This is the best method to develop your ROIs and upgrade your campaigns.

Make sure to get a top rated and proficient store locator and G Verifier is the solution for you

  • Customer satisfaction will scale up the conversions.
  • Google ranking and ratings improves.
  • Google Gold Standard- Feature Parity with Google Maps.
  • State-of-the-art cloud applications and safe forever
  • High-performance and Global scale

G Verifier is offering free of charge evaluation of your existing locator on the basis of Google Gold Standards. CONTACT US!

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