Our services ensure all your data on Google Maps, Google Search and Google My Business are updated and will make your customer’s journey of search on Google to store easier than ever.

Your customers can search your business, be it a grocery store, gym, salon, sports shop, bank, gas station, lifestyle store, retail outlet, post office or educational institution in the right place with up-to-date opening and closing timings. The accurate information regarding your business data at Google will attract customers to your store and will scale up your sales and improve your Google ranking.

Automatic update

Centralized control of your location data.

Your entire listings are always up-to-date, and all the data is stored on Google Map and search. With our interface service, we transfer your data from your system straight to Google through our location service center. We make sure that your listing data is always correct and complete. You don’t have to upload, you only have to manage and maintain your data in the system. Our system carries regular scans and takes the necessary measure to improve performance. G Verifier’s location experts control the quality of your location data according to the guidelines of Google.

Professional Location Experts

It’s ok if you don’t have much knowledge of Google My Business

Our know-how, well-established Google Contacts and loyalty is what makes us stand out. We have special business location service features for businesses with multiple office locations. You can easily manage multiple locations across multiple directories from a single dashboard. G Verifier’s location experts manage numerous locations of various industries. Initial entries, updating, deletion or categorization of your business listings over Google, are all synchronized and managed by us.

Engage more customers

Stronger data is the key to get Customers

Your brand is your most valuable asset and we take care of it. We make sure that your customers find you easily. Unlike your competitors, the customers will be appropriately directed to your outlets with clear details of closing and opening times. You will reach the maximum percentage of your customers majorly in every market as customers will contact you and visit you more. All of this will lead to customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Locations that are store on Google easily support you online as well as offline.

Incorrect and duplicate entries are brought down

We clean up duplicates to secure Google ranking and SEO

G Verifier constantly pursues and clears out incorrect, duplicate and outdated entries in Google according to the varied search guidelines. Not only correction but we also update your location, timings, contact details and more for you on Google maps. Your customers reach out to the right place at right time without any chaos.

Review and Reputation Management Solution

Every review is an opportunity to grow Customer Relation

Improve, manage and monitor your online reputation across all the prime online directories and platforms. Customer reviews are the new trends, especially for companies owning multiple business entries. These reviews are valuable feedbacks from customers and our finest reputation management system offers you a clear overview of the ratings of your business entries. Your social media team can reply to thousands of customer reviews directly in our location service center. Enhance your online presence, maximize customer traffic and prevent an issue before it becomes a problem.

Improve Your Google Ranking

Make your presence on Google notice by updating your data consistently.

Present your business on Google with top quality and latest pictures, simple yet attractive website, clear and concise reviews, regular response to reviews, humble reaction to suggestions from customers, and accurate categorization of products/services. G Verifier manages all your entries efficiently. A well-maintained data remarkably brings a great rise in your listing and ranking over Google. It leads to a better reach of customers.

Numbers give an overview of your Business

Measure your customers’ insight and take the right decision.

G Verifier’s single dashboard provides insight and overview of how many customers search and finds your business on Google and how many customers Google My Business genuinely brings to your outlets. It’s advisable to use your business data in internal business intelligence systems like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Dynamics and Qlik. Recognize regional differences or outliners and provide better services by simply looking into your customers’ feedback and reviews.

G Verifier regularly updates your location data on Google. You focus on growing your business and we will take care of all the entries.

  • We integrate and upgrade your location data on Google every day.
  • Our dashboard is specialized in business with multiple locations.
  • Your locations quality and presence over Google attracts more customers.
  • You get total control of your data
  • The quality of your data is managed by our location experts.
  • Customer satisfaction leads to better ratings
  • We directly update your location from your data set
  • We provide you a single dashboard to manage all your data with an overview of business and regular response to reviews and feedbacks.
  • You will notice increase in Google ranking.
  • Our experts make sure to eliminate incorrect or duplicate entries from branches in Google Maps.
  • We will bring the right opportunities for your business

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